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The dogs which we previously had were of different breeds, such as the rare leonberger, then a dachshund, a fox terrier, then a very clever dog of mixed breeds, and then appeared:

Our first and never forgotten Scottish Terrier VIR, born 21st March 1990, bred by Mr. Slavomir Drinkovic.


Vir's father was GAYWYN AMBASSADOR, until then the most successful dog in Croatia, and his mother was LASSY LADY MELSCOT from the "Melscot" kennel owned by Prof. Skavic.

This Scottie conquered our hearts and paved the way for all other Scotties that came through or into our home. He was the young champion of Croatia, won a BOB (best of breed) award, was pampered a lot and was our unforgettable friend.


When he died, our sorrow was boundless. After six months we realised that we couldn't be without a dog and decided to find a worthy successor. Of course, this could only be another Scottie! Most importantly, we realised that we wanted a healthy dog.



Our second and most beautiful Scottie is the black HALIFAX RICH OF HONOUR, whom we call FAXO. We bought him after an extensive search throughout Europe from Mrs. Suzanne Ehrenreirch in Vienna.

She would not sell him to us until we met, but we clearly fulfilled her criteria, and one day at an exhibition in Graz in 1999. we got Faxo.


From the very beginning, this outstanding dog knew only of success: he loved dog shows and won them all. He easily became the most beautiful puppy of the Graz exhibition, the young champion of Croatia, won the Club-jugendsieger in Tullun near Vienna in 1999 and the Bundesjugensieger 2000 in Graz, and further became the champion of Croatia, Slovenia, Yugoslavia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. award points.


He was also twice the Club champion of Croatia and Slovenia and the Alps-Adria winner in Portoroz. In total he received 40 BOB's, 8 CACIB's and countless CAC awards, and since 2004 he's the only International champion in Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. Finally, in the TOP-TEN selection of all dogs in Croatia in 2002, he was the fifth most beautiful dog in Croatia and scored the highest number of


During the past four years, he had 8 litters with 7 bitches from all surrounding countries, fathering a total of 30 puppies. It should be mentioned that eight of these have received excellent grades, while five are champions: Apolon of Dr. Bulat (a beautiful brindle multi-champion), his black sister Ariana of Dr. Bulat (the young champion of Croatia, a bitch with a lot of potential), Tomboy (Jilly) Invisible Touch (the champion of Yugoslavia, owned by the renowned breeder Mr. Goran Gladic), as well as Florence Tribally

 Apolon of Dr. Bulat (a beautiful brindle multi-champion)
 his black sister Ariana of Dr. Bulat (the young champion of Croatia, a bitch with a lot of potential)
 Tomboy (Jilly) Invisible Touch (the champion of Yugoslavia, owned by the renowned breeder Mr. Goran Gladic)
 as well as Florence Tribally
  and her sister Francesca (champions of Slovenia, bred by Dr. Jankovic).


Our first bitch, HOCUS POCUS OF BLACK POWER, called HOLLY, is a beautiful sliver brindle. She was bought from Mrs. Silke Zietlow in Hanover, the only breeder to have a litter of 12 puppies, six wheaten and six black! Bingo!

The secret of the fertility of her bitches may lie in the fact that they all have ten teats rather than the usual eight.


Holly recently gave us her first litter of five beautiful male puppies, two back and three brindle.


The young bitch easily gave birth, had a lot of milk and was easily able to feed her children until the age of 5 weeks, when we joined to help feed the young rogues.

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